Adult Programs

General Evaluation

A General Evaluation assists individuals in choosing an appropriate vocational goal. You will learn more about your interests, skills, aptitudes, learning style, transferable job skills and any accommodations needed. We will explain your strengths as well as areas that need improvement. This information will assist you and your “Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor in appropriate vocational planning.

Job Readiness Skills

Prepares individuals for seeking employment through an intense job readiness class which teaches them resume preparation, interview skills and tips, and interpersonal skills.

Job Placement Services

We offer instruction to our consumers in completing job applications, preparing resumes, interview skills and how to become a valuable employee. We offer individual instruction to assist in learning or updating computer skills.
Our employment professionals are trained to match qualified individuals with employment opportunities in their local community;

Computer Skills Training

Offers technology training options that are tailored to meet each person’s individual needs including keyboarding and Microsoft Office.

Transitional Programs for High School Students

Instructors come to your high school to teach special needs students’ job readiness, Smart Work Ethics and Driver’s Education.