Wendy Lawless

We are happy to welcome Wendy Lawless as our Employment Specialist within our Adult/Teen Program!

Wendy Lawless has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from UAB and has worked with people with disabilities since 2004. She has worked at several agencies in the Birmingham area as an Employment Specialist and Job Coach. Wendy also taught job readiness classes at high schools in Birmingham and surrounding areas. In 2022, she started her own business, named Pearl’s, after her aunt with an intellectual disability. At Pearl’s, she served breakfast and lunch at the Woodlawn Marketplace and pursued the mission of employing people with disabilities.
Wendy is the guardian of her aunt, Cathy Pearl, and assisted her in getting her first job at age 58 and moving to her own apartment, where she could live more independently. Her mission is to help people with disabilities reach their goals and live the life they envision. Wendy also makes it her mission to educate businesses on the value that her consumers bring to the workplace and the community.